The amazing feast of Roverello’s 1000 years birthday

Rosario, as a knowledgeable expert of the Madonie park, leads you to live a unique and unrepeatable day in Sicily. With him you can go deep into the pristine nature of these places where there are wonderful old trees towering, some of them reaching 1000 years of age. After the full immersion in the nature of Madonie , the Bergi village, near Castelbuono (Palermo), is waiting for you to let you empathize with local agricultural traditions. Here you can experience how to look after a vegetable garden and enjoy a cooking lesson where you learn to prepare typical recipes to share during the feast, with the accompaniment of live traditional music and dances.

The Mistery of Castel dell’Ovo (Discover the truth about mythos and legends in Naples)

Anna, in the role of Maria Sofia, accompanies you through this adventure and mystery. Your tresure hunt will start from a research on ancient books, to recall the legends and mysteries of princesses and holy women who lived in the old castle through the centuries. And right there, inside the castle, you will go at nightfall, to bring light to its hidden secrets, gathering all the messages left by the “misterious presence” who haunts that place.

A day as an artist – Wearable art fashion in Rome

Daniela will introduce you to the art of drawing with a brief lesson within everyone’s reach. Together with other participants you will realize an original sketch which will, at a later time, be produced on pure silk in a limited number of copies. You will create in a few hours your personal representation of “Rome to wear” which will be placed on the market via the e-commerce system

(VIP EDITION) The knights who freed Val d’Orcia from Ghino di Tacco robberies

Lord of the village, Michele, comes with you to discover Valdorcia, riding on your “wheeled horses “ and also, thanks to a local culinary expert, helps you learn how to cook a typical ancient recipe of his enchanting lands . And as a great final, all the group makes a feast together, raising merry wine glasses, as special guests in Michele‘s home to celebrate the victory of the valorous knights.

In search of the Old Testament of Count Rudolf to save the Terre di Brianza

Ester, in the shoes of a Gaetano Besana’s friend, will take you to live an intriguing treasure hunt in a pristine corner and fascinating landscape at the Oasis Galbusera Bianca, the first WWF private oasis in Italy, a village and a farm, a modern model of multi functionality farm. You will get to know about the forms of vegetation and principles of cultivation of a vegetable garden by participating in biodynamic farming practices; Ester will share with you her passion for sweets which you can prepare with her, making a very special cake as a snack with the products of the earth.

(VIP EDITION) Milano “slow”

Join with Silvia a really an unusual morning in Milan, made of special rhytms, breaths, slow moments, discoveries, wandering moments; in addition to Yoga experiences from the Himalayan Tradition, you will have the opportunity to listen to precious historical news about the “fluvial” history of Milan and about a Bioarchitectural center operating in the city

(VIP EDITION) Save the yeast of Queen Margherita!

Sondra, playing Giuditta, will guide you on a bicycle tour through Monza’s delightful Royal Park. You will travel peacefully and slowly through organic hay meadows, farms and the former hunting lodges of the King to the river and an ancient mill. You will experience all the sensual pleasures of the traditional baker’s art, feeling your hands knead the dough, smelling the aromas of baking bread, and, of course, tasting your own freshly baked bread as we enjoy a royal experience with a lunchtime picnic in the mill courtyard.

(VIP EDITION) From the skycrapers of the “Rising City” to the fusion in a milanese historical foundry

Marilena, in the role of Giovanna, will make you discover Porta Nuova district and then will take you to another era, between foundries and workshops of goldsmiths in the Isola district, where you will learn to make your own jewel with the assistance of a Lombard master jeweller.

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