The Mistery of Castel dell’Ovo (Discover the truth about mythos and legends in Naples)

Anna, in the role of Maria Sofia, accompanies you through this adventure and mystery. Your tresure hunt will start from a research on ancient books, to recall the legends and mysteries of princesses and holy women who lived in the old castle through the centuries. And right there, inside the castle, you will go at nightfall, to bring light to its hidden secrets, gathering all the messages left by the “misterious presence” who haunts that place.

(VIP EDITION) Milano “slow”

Join with Silvia a really an unusual morning in Milan, made of special rhytms, breaths, slow moments, discoveries, wandering moments; in addition to Yoga experiences from the Himalayan Tradition, you will have the opportunity to listen to precious historical news about the “fluvial” history of Milan and about a Bioarchitectural center operating in the city